Review: Saving Face (2004)

At first glance, Saving Face is a typical early 2000s rom-rom. In actuality, it’s much more than that. It’s a film that allows the LGBTQ+ community to experience a story that’s poignant and nuanced without being bogged down in queer issues. It’s a chance for laughter. The story follows a queer Chinese American woman (Wilhelmina … More Review: Saving Face (2004)

A Very Straw-Free 2018

It started with a Nando’s. Naturally, as it’s me, the story of my most important New Year’s resolution for 2018 begins at a Nando’s. I was having food with a group of friends and I noticed there were no straws available at the drinks area. There was a sign up saying that the particular restaurant … More A Very Straw-Free 2018